Adventure Film Festival (2010, Dijon, France)

Yves “Jetman” Rossy was the Jury president of the 2010 Adventure Film Festival in Dijon! Click on the image for a few photos!

Society of Experimental Test Pilots (2009, Lancaster, California, USA)

Yves Rossy was welcomed as a member of the prestigious American Society of Experimental Test Pilots at the association’s annual meeting in 2009!

Faust AG Award (2009, Tokyo, Japon)

Adventurer of the year

“Faust A.G. Award” recognizes a person or a group that has been taking challenges or trying to do the impossible in several areas (i.e. adventurer, athlete, inventor, artist, etc.).

Best Adventurer will be presented to a person or a group that gave people around the world a dream, courage, and impression by their remarkable adventure over the past year. The 2009 winner is Mr. Yves Rossy, an extraordinary adventurer, successful even in the seemingly impossible challenges and who gives hopes and dreams to others.