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Jetman-Spitfire video

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Jetman flies in formation with iconic Spitfire

As part of an Aviation celebration Yves “Jetman” Rossy took to the skies with fellow “Breitling Flyer” pilot, Nigel Lamb in the renowned Spitfire MH434.
In this unique close-formation flight, the British iconic aircraft offered a stark contrast to the futuristic Jetwing, the cutting edge of Swiss innovation.

The Mk IXB Spitfire, operated by ‘Old Flying Machine Company’ and normally based in Duxford, (UK) was invited to display at the airfield’s annual ‘fly-in’ where the aircraft has been a favorite participant since its first appearance in 1976.

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Jetman racing a rally car in Top Gear!

In case you missed the Top Gear episode featuring Jetman racing a pro driver in a top-level rally car, which you shouldn’t have, you can catch up here!