LOFT: The Jetman Story

Jetman Dubai is back with another world-first, detailed in stunning new documentary teaser


LOFT: The Jetman Story


Jetman Dubai is back with another world-first, detailed in stunning new documentary teaser


  • Jetman Dubai in collaboration with XDubai release teaser for upcoming documentary LOFT: The Jetman Story
  • Teaser reveals a Jetman Dubai world-first, a ground take-off, as it hints at other unprecedented feats
  • Jetman pilots Yves Rossy, Vince Reffet and Fred Fugen are seen performing various stunts in scenic Norway, including triple Jetman formation


12 November, 2018 Dubai, UAE:  Jetman Dubai, the brand behind the first man in history to independently fly using a jet-engine powered carbon fibre wing, together with action sports brand XDubai are once again set to captivate the world’s imagination with the release of a new teaser that touches upon the next chapter of the Jetman story.


Released today on XDubai’s YouTube channel, the 4-minute teaser for upcoming documentary, LOFT: The Jetman Story, provides a glimpse at a Jetman world-first and what can also be described as an extraordinary step towards completely autonomous personal flight. While suggesting that more will be revealed in the full documentary, the teaser shows a Jetman Dubai pilot launching from the ground, a mountain top in Hellesylt, Norway, an unprecedented feat for the carbon-fibre winged pilots and notable progression from Jetman Dubai’s earlier helicopter launches.


Showcasing the spectacular surrounds of the Sunnylvsfjorden fjord in Norway, the teaser shows Jetman Dubai pilots Yves Rossy, Vince Reffet and the newest addition to the team, Fred Fugen, perform various stunts including a triple Jetman flight formation. The teaser is the first hint of the progression of the Jetman Dubai and XDubai partnership since the two brands joined forces to make global headlines in 2015 with the world’s first twin Jetman formation of Rossy and Reffet over the skies of Dubai; an accomplishment which was then followed by another jaw-dropping feat that saw Rossy and Reffet fly alongside an Emirates Airline A380 later that same year.


“Jetman is the true embodiment of the XDubai ethos, defy your limits,” said Mohammed Javad, General Manager of XDubai. “We have been working closely with Jetman Dubai to not only collaborate in documenting the Jetman story, but also to work towards realising the impossible as showcased in this spectacular teaser. The success of Jetman Dubai taking off from the ground is just the beginning of what is next.”


Along with Jetman Dubai’s launch from the ground, accomplished by both Reffet and Fugen and the three-way flight formation with Rossy, the teaser also includes scenes of the trio, soaring over 31km of land over the Romsdalen Valley, as well as a flight that sees the trio looping in formation in front of Norway’s famed Troll Wall, Europe’s tallest vertical mountain wall. 


The result of 25 years of research and development, 24 months of planning and 25 days spent on the ground – and in the air- in Norway, the teaser provides a sneak peek of what will be a wider documentary that will go in-depth into Jetman’s history, progression, latest accomplishments and what the future may hold.


The accomplishments and documentary, set to be revealed at a later date, were the result of extensive planning and preparation between Jetman Dubai, XDubai and various experts from across the globe and on the ground, and made possible by the cooperation and support of both officials in Norway as well as members of the local and surrounding communities. Currently in production, the documentary is directed by Anthony August, an American film director, writer and producer who has been working with Dubai Film and Jetman Dubai since 2013. The film is being produced by Perch Pictures in association with Dubai Film.


As with earlier Jetman Dubai feats, and as set to be revealed and detailed in the wider documentary, safety was, and is of the highest priority: “Given both the vision and nature of Jetman Dubai, the expertise and professionalism of our pilots and what we are trying to achieve, safety will always be our top priority,” said Jetman Dubai’s newly appointed Director of Operations, Alan Gayton.  “We are truly excited about the future of Jetman Dubai and look forward to sharing even bigger, more beautiful stories and feats to Jetman fans the world over.”


For Jetman Dubai pilots and French action-sport athletes, Vince Reffet and Fred Fugen, who notably secured a Guinness World Record for their BASE jump with XDubai from the world’s tallest building, the Burj Khalifa, in Dubai in 2014, the sky is literally the limit:


“Joining the Jetman Dubai team has been an absolute dream and its hard to put into words the experience of what was accomplished in Norway,” said Jetman pilot Fred Fugen. “We’re excited for what this means for Jetman Dubai and we’re excited to share what’s next when the time is right.”


"It was a teamwork," said Jetman pilot Vince Reffet.  “Everyone involved from both a technical and filming point of view were experts in their jobs and we trusted them. It is because of this that we could achieve what we did."


Along with the upcoming documentary, Jetman Dubai will also launch a new website in early 2019.  To learn more about Jetman Dubai, please visit

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